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An Adventure Begins!

I have only started adding blog posts to this website, but those of you who have been following me on social media and through Griffin Dyeworks already know that this is a very exciting time for me! Last fall, I learned that I had earned a 14-week artist residency for natural dyeing at the Camera Obscura Art Lab (COAL) in Santa Monica, California. During my residency, I will be focused on working with madder dye, which produces a vibrant color range and, when done properly, color that lasts for centuries. I’ll be looking at historical and modern formulations and applications of madder dye while producing wearable art, upcycled art, and decorative art.

I’ll also have a chance to add more photos and posts here, starting with answers to questions my students often ask. There will be online workshops associated with my residency, beginning in mid-October and I’ll update with more specifics as soon as possible. I wish I had words to adequately express my gratitude and joy for the City of Santa Monica cultural arts team, and the new director at COAL, Clove Gallilee, for adapting and innovating to make it possible to continue safely with this year’s scheduled residencies. COVID-19 has thrown so many aspects of our lives into chaos, I was thrilled to learn that we would be able to go ahead with modified plans. As in all things, the motto for 2020 seems to be “PIVOT!”

I’ve included a short video to introduce the space. I apologize for the mediocre quality and abrupt ending when my phone ran out of memory at the end of the video. I’m a dyer, not a videographer! The facility does, in fact, have a working camera obscura, and under normal operations, you can (and should!) visit it yourself. Until then, I hope you enjoy this quick tour and demo! 


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